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Suzhou Shuangfan Glove Factory is located in Beiqian Village, Yangchenghu Town, Suzhou City, China, we have 90 kilometers away from Shanghai city.

We specialize in the production and operation of working gloves. Now factory  there are about 150 workers, of which there are 3 production lines for dipped gloves.and There are 50 knitting machines and 40 sewing machines.

At present, we produce nylon shell gloves with coated nitrile gloves (all gloves are ultra fresh anti bacterial treated),Cotton shell lining coated  latex or PVC gloves (European EN388 CE certificate), some kinds anti-cutting gloves (European level 5 anti-cutting certificate), household kitchen gloves BBQ (food safety certificate).and more knids of cotton interlock gloves.

I have various details below, please new and old customers Come to our website to choose the gloves you want to buy, and hope that we have the opportunity to cooperate for a long time. 



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